A B City

I promise I won’t always promote my ad copy jobs (lol), but this one was so much fun to work on, since it is directed by Torso, who I can’t speak highly enough of. It ended up really capturing the way downtown New York feels right now, imo. It’s also exciting to hear some writing I did (a short script for Selyna Brillare) in between the words of Brontez Purnell and Juliana Huxtable. (By the way, what the “Berlin Twins” mouth is “Try not to be the main character.”)

These three vignettes are screening at the Burberry SoHo store until June 26, 11am to 6pm.

From SSENSE’s website: Directed by Torso, A-B-CITY is set within the noisy hum of New York, centering the city itself as a key character. Three adjacent vignettes move entropically in time. The protagonists are ephemeral, they disappear, imprinting memories upon the city. Through stream of consciousness and poetic inner thoughts, the film asks, how are we to deal with a present that has already caught up to the future? It is an abstract meditation on coping with extreme change. Doing nothing, or doing too much... but right now, in a city, going through it with everyone else.

A-B-CITY stars a diverse cast of personalities including Lourdes Leon, Selyna Brillare, and Alexis Chaparro in vignettes written by Brontez Purnell, Natasha Stagg, and Juliana Huxtable.

The project exclusively introduces Burberry’s Mythical Alphabet, a new capsule collection that celebrates the Burberry animal kingdom. Designed in collaboration with British graphic designer Peter Saville and illustrator Jo Ratcliffe.